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About Us

At Plants Delivered our founding principle is quite simply to create interesting and unusual collections of plants for you to plant and enjoy in your garden or to send as gifts to loved ones whatever the size of outdoor space available.  All of our collections can easily be bought online for UK delivery on the date you want them.  Each and every plant is always tested by us to ensure that it will grow and prosper with you.   The team at Plants Delivered are all pretty green fingered  and are happy to help if you have a question about one of your plants.  Our team has a wide range of experience when it comes to plants ranging from large country gardens to small balconies.

We have taken 15 years experience gained over many years of running The Gluttonous Gardener and applied it to Plants Delivered to offer you a seamless service from start to finish focusing on fantastic products, excellent customer services and the flexibility to have your order delivered on the date you want and to the address you want.

We cultivate the vast majority of our plants in our nursery in Newbury, ensuring that only the very best stock is sent out to you.

The Gluttonous Gardener 

Ned Trier is an expert plantsman and also runs a gardening company based in London ( Ned’s knowledge of everything that grows, combined with an innate sense of style, ensures whatever he suggests will really work in your garden.

Sally Golland has been running The Gluttonous Gardener with ruthless efficiency for most of her working life, and as an extension of this she commands the website and the customer care team at Plants Delivered.

Pia Bramley  Is a fairly recent addition to the team and apart from being a brilliant artist (Pia Bramley ) (the stunning illustrations that can be seen on our site are all hers)she is also in charge of making sure that your plants leave us in tip top condition.